The Induma understands that health is key to keeping the quality of life and well being of  employees and their relatives, so offers several benefits to this area:

  • - Health care in the company two days a week;
  • - Dental care in the company;
  • - Covenants for specialized care: speech therapist, physical therapist, general practitioners and gynecologists;
  • - Agreement with clinical laboratory for tests as complete blood check-up.
  • - Health Care (hospital up to 48 hours);
  • - Annual flu vaccine.



  • - School in the company - Educational Center Erna Ruth Purnhagen - CEERP;
  • - Through a partnership with SESI School of Adult Education, the school offers Induma in the company, giving opportunities to employees and relatives completing their studies. The school, which offers primary and secondary education, has a teaching methodology focused on adult learning. The classes, classroom and online, have content related to work activities of students. The school has two fully equipped classrooms, a library and a computer room. Every year at the Christmas party, graduation of students who have graduated during the year is performed;
  • - Scholarship for higher education, technical courses, training and other;
  • - Bonus for education from 10% to employees who have completed high school.



Thinking about the of access to work, the company offers housing in a company village, which are situated in the town of Alto Palmital, near the company. The 80 available homes have the necessary infrastructure to provide comfort and well being of residents.

Sport, leisure and culture

The company has the Sports Association, Educational and Cultural Induma to promote the integration of employees, family and community. In line with the recovery Induma policy of the welfare and health of the worker, the association provides activities focused on sport, culture and leisure. The visitors have at their disposal an infrastructure of function room, kitchen, game room with barbecue, pool table, foosball, bocce court, bar, soccer field, locker rooms and bathrooms. The Association sponsors the participation of employees Induma football teams in municipal championships, in addition to providing free weekly training schedule for the City Gym.


Others benefits

  • -          Life Insurance
  • -          Transport
  • -          Meal
  • -          Clothes work