At 1922 Hermann Hinrich Purnhagen german immigrant arrived in Brazil. In his cultural baggage brought professional woodworking knowledge and innovative spirit. During the years he worked as a carpenter fecht knowledge and experience, founded in 1943 when the INDUMA, manufacturer of plywood, doors and windows in Rio do Sul – SC. From the 70ths, when the company migrated yours activities to the manufacture of paper, the experience with wood and the strong growth of the industrial park required a new location which lead the company to stablished in Taio – SC. At this stage, large technological and human investments were started and was implemented in the company a constant update of knowledge and production technologies.

With strong organization and administration commited, Induma´s have important points, including: a direct relationship with the and easy negotiations with the costummers. Fast delivery, because it has a safety stock of product which allow a short time between the order and delivery goods.

Concerned about the environment, the company fulfills the legal requirements, keeping large forest reserves for future generations receive these natural resources intact.

 With over 76 years of existence, preserves the essence of the noble family care. Carries in its history not only the development of the cardboard industry, as well as the dedication, competence, human effort and recognition of their work.

With these strong characteristics Induma brings the seriousness of efficiency, technical and business competence. It has international recognition and takes their products to the several department of footwear, automobile and electrical insulation.

In his 70 years of work and dedication to the consumer Induma built a tradition of history and credibility, seeks continuous improvement of its processes, respecting the human life and nature.